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Simple Management
of Complex Workforce



  • Adaptive calculation
  • Payroll control reports
  • Complete set of tax and statistical reports according to legal requirements
  • Configurable interfaces with legacy systems and legal authorities

Core HR

  • Employee record maintenance
  • Personnel administration (incl. hiring/onboarding, contract changes, contract terminations/liability clearance)
  • Organisational structure and position management
  • HR compliance (policies, legal reporting)

Time & attendance

  • Extensible time types definition
  • Flexible working time schedules and timesheets definition
  • Adaptive time validation rules
  • Interfacing with clocking systems, captured raw time cleansing
  • Absence registration and management


  • Manager-subordinate goals contracting for performance evaluation period
  • Goals cascading and alignment
  • Goals execution monitoring
  • Performance review

Fleet management

  • Corporate vehicle register (incl. responsible person, fuel type, average fuel consumption)
  • Itinerary lists (incl. travelled distance, average fuel consumption)
  • Consumed fuel reconciliation based on responsible person’s reports vs merchant’s reports

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  • Workplaces skill-based profiling
  • Employees skill-based profiling
  • Forecast based workplaces working time scheduling
  • Optimal employees scheduling by workplaces based on profiles matching analysis, employee availability and workplaces working time schedules

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  • Enables teamwork efficiency across departments and geographies
  • Facilitates performance reviews, recruiting and other processes
  • Improves employee development and learning by building communities around professional leaders

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  • Benefit plans administration
  • Integration with HR and Payroll
  • Expenses control
  • Reporting and statistical analysis


  • Recruitment requests management
  • Candidates resumes and applications registration, including through self service portal
  • Recruiting events management (interviews, testing sessions, etc)
  • Integration with recruiting agencies, using industry standards like HR-XML

Learning &

  • Training courses management, including training content
  • Training events management, including e-learning and class based trainings
  • Post training testing (certification)
  • Integration with course contents providers, using industry standards like SCORM and others

Business trips &
Expense reports

  • Business travel requests (incl. transportation and accomodation booking, travel desk involvement)
  • Business travel reports
  • Expense reports processing
Core HR
Time & attendance
Performance evaluations
Fleet management
Social networking tools
Benefits administration
Learning & development
Business trips & Expense reports
Advanced workforce scheduler

How HRB companies
outperform market

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Our clients

Use of HRB
Portal enables:

  • Flexibly manage and coordinate employees’ team work
  • Remote education of employees and testing of the knowledge acquired
  • End-to-end automation of HR processes for different offices of the company taking into account local specifics of various geographies

Use of HRB
Portal enables:

  • Obtain additional revenue stream of recurring revenue from the provision of platform usage rights
  • Increase speed and relevance of provided information
  • Increase the bundle of provided services and contact points with clients



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